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Token Utilities & Mission

The Daisen token ($DSN) will be an investment token with utilities. In this way, the main Asset of the protocol will be a Governance Token, a Utility Token, and a Reward Token at the same time.

$DSN as Utility Token

The $DSN token can be used in the Daisen Ecosystem to access special benefits and features. Within each DeFi platform, $DSN will get special treatment, for example, $DSN pool profitability will be higher than any other on the Daisen DEX and CEX. If in the Launchpad a project adds its liquidity in $DSN, it will be launched at no cost, in the bridge there will be no fees if it crosses with $DSN or the fees of the Lending or Leverage platforms will be much lower.

$DSN as Governance Token

$DSN holders will be able to participate in the decision-making of the protocol. It is a good mechanism to integrate the will of the community with the project and to be in contact with the users. In addition, it helps to increase the intrinsic value of the asset and the retention in the wallets of the users.

$DSN as Investment

Daisen Ecosystem is a huge and complex CeFi-DeFi system designed to accumulate value in its main asset, the $DSN. Through the mechanisms of the DeFi Ecosystem, between the DeFi Platform and the $DSN Token synergies are generated to favor their purchase and holding. With a Fixed Supply and tokenomics design supported by mathematical models, $DSN is an attractive investment and trading tool.

$DSN as Reward Token

Rewards to investors, liquidity providers, and supporters will generally be distributed in $DSN. Although the Supply is fixed to avoid its devaluation, the Daisen Foundation has a budget reserved precisely for this task.

Token Smart Contract details

Token Smart Contract details Our token contract follows the standard implementation of the ERC-20 and our team follows all the good practices recommended for the deployment and management of the tokens for the Foundation such as multisignature wallets, audited and battle tested smart contracts for the vesting and distribution schedules.

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