The vision

There is a huge consensus that the biggest innovation and technological disruption related to the financial industry is happening in DeFi. Everything seems to indicate that it is the future of Finance.

"DeFi is reclaiming the power from the central authorities and returning it to the people"

However, only 2-3% of crypto users use truly decentralized technology. And why? Our thesis is that the users are not using truly Decentralized technology because: ❌They can't use fiat ❌Horrible onboarding ❌Highly fragmented ecosystem ❌Users are not familiar with non-custodial wallets We know it makes no sense to compete for users in DeFi, there is a lot of competition for only 2-3% of the market. We need to fight to conquer the other 98%. Whoever can make DeFi simple will be able to have a large part of the market. So, what are we doing? We are developing a new concept of Web3 Banking:

And how it works?


In summary: DEX + fiat on/off-ramp + self-custody + Web2 onboarding to DeFi + Daisen Card + CEX UX.