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On-ramp services

Daisen's On-Ramp services help new liquidity to join the Blockchain. Often, many users do not want to liquidate their assets to acquire new ones. Or maybe, some inexperienced users, who do not have on-chain liquidity, are attracted to projects or investments, however, the process to acquire them is very complex and lengthy for them.
A good On-Ramp service allows interested investors to buy without the need to have the experience using bridges, bitcoin ATMs, loans, interfaces, or tools that can be news and confusing.

Web 2 onboarding

Easy access to our products with an intuitive registration process. You only will need your mail and a click to sign up, create your Self-custodial wallet and manage your funds.

Daisen Card

The Daisen Card is the simplest way to Cash-Out. You can use it to pay the gym fee or a coffee, with credit or debit. In addition, your Card will generate synergies within the entire Daisen Ecosystem like $DSN Cash-Back, private sales, or exclusive discounts and complimentary services.