Non-custodial Wallet

Non-custodial Wallet The key to decentralization is to avoid third-party asset custody. In other words, there is no risk of fraud by a third-party because, in a Non-Custodial Wallet, it is the user who is in charge of the assets.

The integration of the Non-Custodial Wallet in Daisen Ecosystem is what makes it a mixed CeFi-DeFi system and allows a perfect balance between decentralized and centralized services options. Until now, a Non-Custodial wallet was only integrated into DeFi platforms, so we are talking about a relevant innovation.

Exchange (DEX)

With Daisen DEX you can operate without the intervention of third parties. 100% based on Smarts Contracts and On-Chain. This DEX works in a similar way to traditional exchanges, but with some added benefits. Transparency All transactions are public and are unequivocally recorded on the blockchain.


All the assets are managed without intermediaries and from a Non-Custodial Wallet, users can maintain a high level of privacy and security in their finances.


All funds are managed through a series of self-executing and programmed contracts known as Smart Contracts. The funds are always safe because are contained in these Smart Contracts and nobody has access to them except the users who deposit their funds in them.

In a DEX, you can act as a liquidity provider to earn fees or like a user to exchange assets in a decentralized way.


Daisen Launchpad is a platform for the launching of new tokens. The projects launched through this decentralized platform will pay a fee to Daisen or will need to use the $DSN to add liquidity. This way, the Diasen Ecosystem receives income from all the new projects that will be part of its DeFi Ecosystem. In return, the projects use the Daisen Launchpad as a showcase to attract investors in their earliest stage. Finally, the projects must pass the Daisen filters, so users have quality guarantees when looking for investments. This operation benefits Daisen, new projects, and Daisen users. If you are interested in launching a project through the Daisen Launchpad or in investing in new projects, you can read more here or contact us here.

Lending & Borrowing

Our Lending & Borrowing platform allows immediate loans without the need for third-party intervention. It works through a Smart Contract system that, on one hand, encourages users to deposit liquidity, so they can offer it to other users as loans and earn fees. On the other hand, we have users who want to keep their assets and at the same time want liquidity too, for example, invest in other assets or pay day-to-day expenses.

These users deposit an asset accepted as collateral (to guarantee the loan's charge) in a Smart Contract and withdraw their loan immediately. If the user does not repay the loan, or the value of the assets that have been deposited decreases, the Smart Contract will liquidate the collateral to return the liquidity to the platform, plus the interest generated.

This way, users who make loans are always guaranteed the return of what is borrowed plus interest, and users who need a loan will always have immediate access to liquidity. In return, Daisen keeps a small part of the interest generated to ensure the health of the protocol.

With Daisen Leverage you can trade with borrowed funds. Users can leverage and multiply their returns. Daisen Leverage encourages users to provide liquidity to earn fees and use this liquidity to advance investments of other users in exchange for contracting and collateralizing debt, and Daisen will keep a fraction of the fees of each operation.


This Bridge is a fast, secure, and private way to travel between different networks. Through this platform, users can travel between different networks with a small fee used to guarantee enough liquidity in each Blockchain and ensure the proper functioning of the Bridge. The main advantage of a decentralized bridge is that no one can disavow a transaction or have access to the funds, so there is no need to trust third parties and there is no risk of fraud. In addition, funds cannot be lost due to Bridge's smart and secure design.


With Daisen Leverage you can trade with borrowed funds. Users can leverage and multiply their returns. Our platform encourages users to add liquidity to the protocol in exchange of commissions. This liquidity is used to overtake investments of other users that hire debt in order to trade with higher exposure.


Daisen Syntheticscreates the opportunity to invest on-chain in products such as gold or oil and in Large-Caps Stocks like Apple or Alphabet through the Daisen Synthetics portfolio. Daisen's users can obtain returns on capital without paying commissions to brokers, exposing themselves to fraudulent fractional actions, or rejecting the privacy of their finances.

Daisen Synthetics replicates the value of other financial assets to make traditional investments frictionless, permissionless, private, instant, and with practically non-existent fees.

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